Demolition works undertaken in stages and with night works while shopping centre remained fully operational.

  • Western tenancies demolished, including the external facade, footings and suspended slabs.
  • Staged demolition of different tenancies.
  • Created openings to accommodate new features, e.g. escalators.
  • Detailed propping of existing roof structure and suspended slabs.

Civil Contract included, reworking existing car parks.

  • Under croft and concrete slab base preparation with extensive level changes.
  • New car park construction including subgrade rework and base prep.
  • Stormwater concrete site works.
  • Pedestrian pavement and bitumen.
  • Works coordinated in stages around a fully operating shopping centre.
Project Name:
Marden Shopping Centre

Retail Demolition and Civil Works

Subcontract Value:

Savills Project Services
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